Stacey - a Covid-19 vaccinator


Hi, I’m Stacey Ann Humphries, Rugby Tangent Chairman, Ladies Circle Area 20 Vice-Chairman, and nutty member of Hinckley circle.

At the start of December 2020 whilst doing my night shift at a retirement village, I saw a position advertised as a volunteer covid-19 vaccinator. The vacancy was asking for volunteers urgently and required the experience and skills set I already had. So, I volunteered, was accepted, and started my training straight away.

The training covered the usual health and safety, PPE administration as well as the in-depth knowledge of how the vaccines work and side effects. Each vaccine has its own training module that must be completed before moving onto the physical competency.

Fast forward and I called through my first patient, went through the relevant questions and injected them with no complications and called the next one through.

Before I knew it, I had completed well over 30 injections within 2hrs, my last patient was a lady who was 101 and she was very mobile, very with it and who informed me after her injection that I had the touch that felt like a kitten's paw! At this point I could have cried with pride, I wiped down my stations got offered a few nice chocolates from the nice doctor, changed out of my PPE, and got back in my car home. I now volunteer as many times a week as I can because I strongly believe that ‘Together we can beat this’.

We are all in this fight together against covid-19 and together we will win! But for that to happen we must stick to the guidelines, wear our masks, properly wash our hands, and stay away from others!

Hopefully soon we'll all be able to celebrate together with lots of Fizz, Gin, laughter, and PARTY ONCE MORE.

Please, please stay safe, don’t be afraid, the vaccines on its way to everyone.