Please support the President’s chosen charity for 2021/22 - Crisis

Together we will end homelessness


"Together we will end homelessness"

Ending homelessness for good is possible. Can we work with Crisis so there is a home for all from now on?

I have chosen Crisis as the Charity I would urge Tangent to support during my year as President. There are many causes I believe in and like to support, some with personal links but I have seen Crisis change lives and would like us to help them do more of that.

Crisis is the national charity for people experiencing homelessness. They are committed to ending homelessness. Every day they see the devastating impact homelessness has on people’s lives and work side by side with thousands of people to help them rebuild their lives.

Homelessness is not limited to rough sleepers, it can happen to families and young people through illness, the loss of a job or the breakdown of a relationship. As a womens’ organisation I would be keen for us to help Crisis address the fact that 42% of the officially counted homeless are women. That figure includes those who are rough sleeping, people living in sheds, garages and other unconventional buildings, sofa surfing, hostels and unsuitable temporary accommodation. Imagine what that is like.

Crisis offers year-round advice and support. They help people ‘get back on track’, overcoming the barriers of homelessness and unemployment by helping them into accommodation through education, training and addressing their health and wellbeing needs, all of which in turn helps them into employment enabling them to fulfil their potential.

Crisis Skylight Centres provide, across the UK, opticians, podiatrists, a gym, classes in yoga, Tai Chi to help with physical health and wellbeing. Art, music and other creative activities to help with mental wellbeing. They provide education in English as a second language, computer skills, and help people of all ages resume GCSE courses, they provide practical skills courses in plastering, carpentry, painting and decorating, retail skills, catering etc. helping people find employment and encouraging self-sufficiency. They work with homeless people to help improve their employability through CV writing and interview skills workshops – I’ve been involved in this sort of activity from an employer’s perspective. The reaction of a homeless person who has the possibility of returning to the workplace is very special.

The work that Crisis is best known for is the bringing together a unique volunteer effort each Christmas, to bring warmth, companionship and vital services to people at one of the hardest times of the year, offering a starting point out of homelessness.

Ending homelessness for good is possible. Can we work with Crisis so there is a home for all from now on?

  • Just £50 could provide someone with the basic essentials they need to settle into a home, such as a kettle, pans and microwave
  • £100 could provide support, training and equipment to help someone find their way back into employment
  • £250 could provide specialist advice and one-to-one support to help someone find a place to call home and leave homelessness behind for good

Please think about whether your Tangent could help. Even the smallest amount makes a difference.

Thank you.

Crisis UK (trading as “Crisis”) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. Registered charity No’s : E&W1082947, SC040094. Company No: 4024938. Registered address: Crisis, 66 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT. Tel: 0300 636 1967