Please support the President’s chosen charity Myeloma History

Myeloma UK

Transforming Lives Together

Myeloma is an incurable blood cancer that occurs in the Bone Marrow and Myeloma UK is the only charity that is focused exclusively on Myeloma.


Myeloma needs help in:

  • raising funds
  • making people aware of both the charity and the condition
  • fulfilling the ambition to make Myeloma history


We can help by raising funds

  • to assist with training of Medical staff including GPs
  • to help patients, carers and family members to cope
  • for research to improve treatments and develop preventative and curative strategies
  • to ensure patients are diagnosed as quickly as possible and get the best treatment quickly 

We can also help by making others aware of the charity, as this will spread the word and speed their work

What can we do to provide this help?

1) The charity runs its own fundraisers and also has volunteers organising fundraising activities. We can join in with these.

2) We can run our own fundraising activities at a Local and National level.

3) We can monitor the Fundraising & Donations - Myeloma UK  web page for events taking place that we may be willing to take part in.


a) I wanted to support a small national charity that we could get behind and make a difference to. The charity relies on voluntary donations.

b) I wanted to support a cancer charity as I am a cancer survivor.

c) I have family member that has the pre-condition (MGUS) for Myeloma.

d) They already have a track record of making a difference. It represents the 24,000 people living with this condition in the UK. 25 years ago when Myeloma UK started, the average life expectancy for a Myeloma patient was between 12 and 24 months. Now it is between four and eight years with 30% living for ten years or more and some for much longer. To find out more please visit 25 unstoppable years - Myeloma UK.

My charity lunch on 15th July, 2023, my Golf Day on September 7th, 2023 and my Ball on February 10th, 2024 will be raising funds to support the charity and my badge and raffle sales will also generate income for the charity, so please support me in helping Myeloma UK.

I will be updating you further as the year goes on, about further events.

I will be setting up a Just Giving page in the next week or so, so please watch this space.

Myeloma UK is a registered charity, number SCO26116