Our vision and strategy for our future.

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Our Vision ...

Our vision for the future of Tangent

Our vision and plans for the future have been reviewed to ensure that we move with the times. As part of ‘shaping the future ‘ we consulted with Members and Clubs across the country to try to understand what is important to them and how we should move forward.

We are keen to protect our future and to ensure that Tangent survives and thrives in coming years so that others can enjoy the fun and friendship we have all experienced. It has taken longer than we had hoped, perhaps we were looking for perfection and permanence and we need neither in these statements.

The mission statement is about our current aims and values, the vision statement is about the future – our aspiration, and the strategy is our roadmap. They can be revisited anytime and should not last more than 5 years.


Tangent is a nationally recognised, inclusive women’s organisation providing women (usually over 45) with opportunities for fun, lasting friendships, exciting social activities and to support their communities and good causes. Always valuing our Round Table Family heritage while welcoming all women.‚Äč


Tangent will be the first-choice friendship organisation for women.

Strategy /Roadmap

  • We will make incremental change, year on year to ensure we keep pace with the world we live in and make our Association attractive to graduating Circlers and other women over 45.
  • Our principles should be to continue to keep rules to a minimum to allow Clubs flexibility in the way they run.
  • We will promote the Association via the website and social media as well as through more traditional methods.
  • We will encourage and support different models of running clubs to meet the needs of Members/Clubs.
  • We will encourage Cluster Meetings (lunches/dinners/activities) where neighbouring Clubs join together and support one another. We will also promote and encourage participation in interest groups.
  • We will continue to support all Clubs to survive and thrive. Growth of the Association is a priority.
  • We will encourage and support the links with Ladies Circle and within the Round Table Family.
  • We will encourage friendship internationally.