A message from our new President - Shirley Chard

https://dev-tangent.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/media/President Emma's Logo. The Tangent Logo with Adapting our Recipe written on it  and inside the round area a picture of a torso outline with a small pink heart on the chest

The Presidents Motto for 2024-25 'Adapting our Recipe'

Welcome to  the National Association of Tangent Clubs website.

I do hope you are enjoying having a look around. I am Emma-Jane and the National President of the Association for the year 2024-25 . 

Every year our national President chooses a theme/motto for the year and a National Charity to support. This year my Motto  'Adapting our Recipe' as I would like all our members  to look at adapting their Clubs in our ever changing society so we are relevant and accommodating to not only our existing membership but also those who are looking to join us.  





I joined Tangent after having been a member of our younger sister organisation Ladies Circle but as an organisation you don't need to have been a Ladies Circler to join us we are open to all women 45+. Having spent time on our National executive as Marketing and membership Officer I really wanted to give back to the Association that had given me so many opportunities to do things, be involved and make friendship not just the Uk but worldwide.

My chosen charity for our organisation to support this year is Breast Cancer Now. As someone  living beyond Breast Cancer and knowing the support they offer as an organisation I knew that they would be my choice of charity whilst president. Every 10 minutes someone in the Uk here's the word "You have Breast Cancer" 55,000 women are diagnosed every year and approximately 400 men, yes they get it too!

I have some fun events organised for the year to raise funds nationally as, as an organisation we are not just about the friendship and fun but also raise vital funds for our local communities and charities as well as send many hours volunteering as well. Something our members do very quietly, I do wish they would shout loader about what they do. This si something else I would like them to adapt this year!

Continue to have a look around the site and then click on the 'Join Us' tab and look for a Club that's near to where you live and send them an enquiry. If you can't see a Club near to you we also have an inline Club Tangent-E Club and they are made up of Ladies form all over the UK. 

I look forward to welcoming you as a member soon and meeting you at one of our Regional functions.

Yours in Continued Friendship