A message from our new President- Tracey Pickin

National President

2021/22 Message

Fellow Tangent Members, Friends

Welcome to Tangent and thank you for visiting our website.

If you are one of our 10,000 members you will know all about Tangent – if you are new to Tangent or thinking about joining us, then this website should help you find out more but if you have any queries or want to know more then please CONTACT US.

As we move out of, what will hopefully be our final lockdown, and start to count the cost of the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic I hope that one of the few good things to come out of this difficult time is an increased awareness of the value of voluntary organisations like ours. We have stepped in to help our communities, been kind and taken care of one another and we will always be here to do that whilst enjoying the friendships we have made and will make in the future. Please think about a Tangent Act of Kindness – what can your Club do to make a small difference to a person, a community, a school or care home? I know I can rely on you to be imaginative. Please let me know what you get up to!

It’s a real honour to be the Association’s National President for 2021/22 during which I am urging everyone to ‘Celebrate the Past and Shape the Future’.

The National Association is 50 years old, and we have much to be proud of and traditions to treasure as well as a celebratory lunch planned for September but in order to ensure that women can continue to enjoy the benefits Tangent has to offer then we need to be attractive and relevant to future generations and I and your Executive Team are keen that we make any necessary changes to protect our future.

I hope that your Club will invite me to join you at some time during the year or that we will meet at one of our Regional Lunches or online events so that I can get to know more of you.

As President you are apparently allowed one ‘Big Ask’ and mine is that you support my chosen charity Crisis – they do so much good work in helping people back into work and into permanent homes. Homelessness is not just about rough sleepers, it is about women, families, young people who often through no fault of their own have lost their home, perhaps they were made redundant, left a difficult relationship or are struggling with health issues. Find out more on our President’s Charity page. Please think about raising even just a few pounds, it will make a difference!

Take care as the world opens up for us again and enjoy what Tangent does best - good times, good causes and good friends.

Yours in Continued Friendship