A message from our new President - Shirley Chard

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President's Message 2023-2024

Growing Together

A warm welcome to the Tangent year 2023-24 to ‘Our Members and those of you that are Friends we are yet to meet’

The Jersey Committee have been planning a conference for four years and they did a grand job of it at the start of April 2023 to kick off our year! We had a ball and the Liverpool conference committee are planning to host a cracking conference next year with our AGM followed by the Fancy Dress Evening on 20th April 2024. I would encourage all members to book early as events are selling out before their final dates.

We currently have over 8,000 members and over 400 Clubs. Much of the information about events, ideas for running your club and getting new members, affinity deals, the Tangent shop items and much more is in the members area and it is sad to think that we have members missing out. It is so simple to register by just using your email address and club no. If you need help, then just use the Contact Us page. Your Exec is here to help you.

My motto for the year is ‘Growing Together’ so I urge all of our members, new or existing to look to be BRAVE and boldly plan exciting events that will gather people in support of the Round Table Family and Myeloma UK.

My charity for the year is Fundraising & Donations - Myeloma UK and I am hoping we can grow together. The charity needs to grow awareness and funding and we are always looking for new members to the Round Table Family to share our fun, fellowship and fundraising.

Myeloma is an incurable blood cancer that occurs in the bone marrow. It is the third most common type of blood cancer and the average life expectancy following diagnosis is between four and eight years. Myeloma UK is a charity that is currently just 25 years old and although a national charity it is small enough for us to make a difference to, rather than being a drop in the ocean for a very large charity. There is something each of us can do to support them, whether it is making a donation, buying a badge or raffle ticket, taking part in a sponsored event or organising an event.

I look forward to engaging with you during the year.


Yours in Continued Friendship,


Shirley Chard


Tangent National President 2023-2024