New Sponsor: Prosperity Wealth Ltd


National President Tracey Pickin OBE is delighted to announce Prosperity Wealth Ltd will be sponsoring her over the coming year.

Prosperity Wealth Ltd are delighted to be able to support both The National Association of Tangent Clubs and their President, Tracey Pickin, with sponsorship of both their 50th Anniversary Lunch and Tracey’s Charity Ball to raise funds for the President’s chosen charity – Crisis.

We know Tracey personally and have seen her over many years help raise monies for many worthwhile causes. She is an exemplary ambassador for Tangent and is keen to Celebrate the Association’s past and shape its future. Protecting what is important whilst ensuring that the organisation is attractive for future generations.

She has chosen to support Crisis because they work all year round to support, not just rough sleepers, but women, families and young people who often through no fault of their own have lost their home - perhaps through redundancy, a difficult relationship, or if they are struggling with health issues. Crisis helps people ‘get back on track’ overcoming the barriers of homelessness through education, training and addressing their health and wellbeing needs helping them into employment and their own accommodation.

The National Association of Tangent Clubs (Tangent) is one of the largest women’s organisations in the UK, with around 500 Clubs and 10,000 members providing an opportunity for women to enjoy social networking through ‘continued friendship’, supporting their local communities and raising money for good causes. Tangent is part of the Round Table Family which is made up of Ladies Circle, Tangent, Round Table and Ex Tablers - 41 Club. Tangent is also part of Tangent Clubs International.

Tangent Clubs meet regularly offering a varied programme of events and activities which are unique to each individual Club, but all include a mixture of friendship, fun and fundraising.

What we in Prosperity Wealth do mirrors what Tangent does - as well as supporting national and local charities and our communities, we aim to make lives better for our clients and their families.

We wish Tracey and Tangent a fun packed and successful year, with great support for Crisis.

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