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Mosaics for inside and out

Hello! I’m Jo Tinker, formally of Rothwell Ladies Circle and now founder member of Leeds Tangle.

As well as being a mum, primary teacher and SENCO, I also make mosaics.

It all started three years ago when my mother-in – law bought me a voucher for a half-day mosaic workshop for Christmas. I was hooked! Roll onto 2021 and I now have my very own office and mosaic room at home to work in- really to keep my tiles, plates and grout out of every other room in the house-and a Facebook and Instagram Page to showcase my work.

I make a mixture of bespoke commissions and ready to order pieces for inside and outside the home.

One of my favourite things to do is to save those plates and cups that have special family memories and to change them into art or more practical things. For example, a friend broke her favourite plate and I turned it into a teapot stand. Other preloved plates have been changed into elephants, hearts and even beech huts.

I have also made a range of bespoke commissions from a hedgehog on a rock, a puffin, a kingfisher, HMS Ganges mast to giraffe’s, cats and even a crocodile! People send me photographs or ideas from Pinterest and I liaise with them throughout the process. These commissions can be for inside and outside the home and are on slate, mdf or waterproof board.

I have a range of ready to order pieces that can be adapted to different colour specifications ranging from coasters to hanging hearts and butterflies, all the way through to small pieces of art and a range of animals and flowers. Each piece is hand cut using modern tiles or vintage plates and placed on an mdf base.

I also make a range of bespoke house numbers again liaising with clients to make sure that it is in keeping- or not- with their homes.